Tank Park

Walk through of Main Battle Tanks and Fighting Vehicles

Lynx Helicopter

We are joined this year by the British Army Air Corps

Military Vehicles

Over 180 vehicles belonging to MVT Members are attending


The show wouldn’t be complete without the 200 Reenactors booked in

30 Groups and Camps

A new field dedicated to our 200 reenactors and their 30 Groups

Over 50 Stall Holders

Selling a great varity of products from WW2 Clothing to model kits

The Show Grounds

The Wicksteed At War Show Grounds have a tonne of military related vehicles and equipment to see and do!

Tank Park

New for 2017, we have a fenced off walk through. This walk through will display the different types of military vehicles used to support the infantry. They will be displayed in the order they appear on the battlefield.

All the historical information and history of the vehicles can be found in the show program, which will be on sale at the Tank Park entrance.

British Army Air Corps Display

You will exit the Tank Park on to the AAC display

A first for Wicksteed At War, we are joined by the British Armies AAC.  They will be bringing the workhorse helicopter of the Army, the Lynx. This is the fastest helicopter in the world. They will also be bringing a new OshKosh Close support tanker. These articulated monsters carry 15,000 litres of helicopter fuel !!

Reenactors Field

You will exit the Army Displays on to the Reenactors Camps

We have over 30 Groups of reenactors.  These include World War 1, World War 2, Vietnam War and other modern groups.

These include, American, British, German, Italian and Russian reenactors.

These guys and girls love nothing more than spending time with you and showing you their period equipment, so never shy away from talking to them!

Our biggest Groups this year will be the American Vietnam Group “Rolling Thunder” and the “101st Airborne”.

We also have some returners¬† such as the Axis Group “Feld Gendarmerie”.

Vehicles Of The MVT

The show is organised by the Military Vehicle Trust. The MVT is a charity made up of thousands of military vehicle owners.

Members look after and restore the whole range of ex military vehicles with both UK and overseas origins. Vehicles include the well known Jeep through to tanks, transporters, lorries, Land Rovers, motorbikes, the humble folding bicycle and range from pre First World War to the present day.

MVT members pay particular attention to the authenticity of vehicles, equipment and displays. Our events are of educational value for members of the public and we try to ensure that the younger generations are aware of our heritage and the debt we owe to all branches of the armed forces.

The vehicles on the show grounds are members of the MVT and are happy to talk to you about their vehicles.

Stall Holders

Located around the main arena you will find over 30 stall holders selling authentic military clothing, accessories, toys, gifts, and models other related military products.

Aircraft Display

This year we have a A World War 2 German Messerschmitt Me109-E Fighter Plane on display. It will be located with our Panzer III tank at the end of the main arena.

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